Writing skills matter for everyone

This post was originally posted on Meg Dunley:

If you ever doubted the importance of good writing, it’s worth having a look at what the good folks over at Grammarly have found out about how good writing skills could improve your income and career opportunities.
Grammarly conducted a writing and career-focused study recently where over 400 freelancers were surveyed. They wanted to determine what impact writing skills have on a person’s career opportunities. The results were published the results in the infographic below.

The goal of Grammarly is to raise awareness of the importance of good writing. As we all know, good writing is not only foundational to good communication, but it can also unlock knowledge, job opportunities, and access to education.
By publishing this helpful infographic, Grammarly is donating $10 in my name to Reading is Fundamental, a charity that promotes literacy.