Meg Dunley, Kensington, Victoria, Australia

I am a mother of 3 boys & I watch, I think, I write - I love the energy that I get from writing and release from it. I love allowing the characters inside my head to spill out into stories and evolve. Everything around has the potential to become part of a story, every stranger, every door creaking...that is the joy.

I am an inner city dweller.

I like to draw on things that I see around me. 

Please feel free to browse my other blogs to see my other interests:

Living Green and Thrifty - tips on how to live a more sustainable life in a thrifty way and tales from our family life as we make our eco journey to a greener life.  

Meg's Threads - this is my blog of my creative stuff, sewing, drawing, tips about etc

Our Trip 'Round Aus - a part of our story of our family taking a risk of stepping away from life as we knew it in the big city, and living out of our car and tent for 9 months as we traveled through Australia.  The journey we found, continued beyond arriving home.