a written word...get to know me

This is more my written blog. Just to write...because I have to write. I would love to get feedback on what I write.

Anyway, a little about me:

meg, mother of 3 boys & wife to one
38 yrs old

I write, read, draw, think, sew, knit, cook, garden, play the flute and make a lot of mistakes in all of those.

I write because it is like a compulsion within me. The words just come out of me. It is very new for me to write at length on the computer. I am used to writing by hand (hence the name "by meg's pen"). I have numerous exercise books with scribblings down in them and tiny pieces of paper with words on them. I sometimes wish that I could write as fast as I could think so that I could capture all of those crazy thoughts before they have run away again.

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