Words and Pictures - Pretty

Pretty passionfruit, originally uploaded by megs threads.
I do feel
as the wind blows
straight through me
and I do choke with heavy dust
and lose a piece or two,

All my toes
twist and turn
in the bed of poo
and food that does so rot
makes them grow an inch or two,

My lovely green hands
have been burnt
by the searing sun
so dry and yellow
now they fall
gently upon the ground,

awakens me
from a rest
as little hands
pull at me
from the fence
to hunt for balls
and treasure.

Now I sleep
as I prepare
to make my pretty flowers
that I will once again
give the treasures for the hunts,

So you must wait
with patience, please,
and feed me if you will.

With all the goodness
you can find
and a drop of juice
or two.

Thanks Pip for the "Pretty" theme in words & pictures this week. I thought that I would do something different this week. I hope that you like it.

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