Noise, chaos
Laughter, tears
Mess and mayhem
Fast and slow
Paper everywhere
Pencils and pens
Cooking in the kitchen
Food on the floor
Clothes in the hallway
Records go 'round and 'round
Doors left open
for flies to come an' play
Friends join in
Up the tree and down
In the sandpit, trampoline and swing
Ropes tied from here to Timbucktoo
Breaky from 8 till 10
and lunch from 2 till 4
Dishes left on the sink
Dinner nearly forgotten
and bedtime slips out of control
Books devoured
Games all over the floor
Projects spill into each other
Curtains drift in the breeze

Time for school again

Lunches to make
Piano to practice
Beds to tidy
Hats on heads
Brush your teeth and hair
We're off and running again.

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