Review of My Guantanamo Diary by Mahvish Rukhsana Khan

Wow! What an exhausting story that is a must read by all so that we never, never forget what want and power can do to people, in particular to innocent people.

This is the story that puts the human face to the people at Guantanamo Bay and gives us a chance to understand them. As a reader, you are taken through anger, frustration, joy and tears. It is beautifully written, and is a book that will never leave you. Such an important story to be told. We need to learn to listen to both sides so that we can be more understanding, and Mahvish Khan enables us to do that.

I found many parts of this book to be very hard to digest. Uncomfortable, and so they should be. It is not an easy read, it is not an easy topic. The atrocity of the "war against terror" were are are still so damaging because of the lack of trial of the Afgani's and Arabs and also because of the bounty system.

It was a frighteningly eye opening book, and I thank Mahvish for bringing the stories of these hurt people to the world. Thank goodness for a change of power to the USA so that Guantanamo will be closed down and hopefully all remaining inmates will receive a fair trial.

Incredibly well written. I did finish wanting to know more, however, understanding that probably even she doesn't know more.

Depressing, thought provoking.



  1. Hi Meg,
    Guantanamo sounds like a tough but very worth while book, I am sure it would make anyone a better, more compasionate human being by reading it.
    Thanks 4 comment on happydacks - so glad someone other that my partner gets into Flight Of the Concords!! Chele x

  2. Chele, thanks. Yes, read it, please. I really think that it is worth everyone reading it so that we as humans never make the mistake to judge people by how they look. It really made me so sad. Thanks for stopping to read this. Flight of the Concords...what can I say! Daggy, but great!