Write on Wednesday...Blank Piece of Paper

A blank piece of paper is merely thoughts in waiting

Write On Wednesdays

I am playing along with Write on Wednesday, and this week, the exercise is "A Great One Liner"

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  1. Awesome line :) Another one I can see on mugs, posters, etc....

  2. This is great! I think I'll have to remember this line. =)

  3. This is a great line for us who loves to write and I agree at some point. But sometimes, it deviates with the reality of my writing skill esp.my grasp of good english..a blank paper becomes a crumpled paper that fills the trash can..hehe..



  4. Very appropriate for my day today. I spent a fair bit of time staring at a blank page, trying to come up with something, anything!

    I'm so pleased you joined in with us this week. I hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you back next week

    Gill x

  5. I absolutely and totally love this and agree!!

  6. Well said and I also agree with you! Nice job!

  7. Thank you everyone. I found it very hard to contain myself to one line. Very glad to join in and have jotted it in for next week so I will be there! :) xx

  8. I like it. Rather than see the blank page or blinking cursor as your enemy, see it as an opportunity to breath out and create.
    Hope to see you again next week. :)

  9. Thank you! I will keep pushing the keys and allow the words to flow..no judging of self. ;)


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