new adventure

As I write this, I am sitting in a 14 year old rusty dingo bright blue camper trailer in Adelaide. 17 days ago we drove out of Melbourne after packing up the house and renting it out. We made the big decision to "do the Big Trip"! We are travelling for about 9 months. Myself and my 4 boys (partner included). That's a lot of testosterone in close quarters, I can tell you now already!

Anyway, I could go on for a long, long, long, long way, however, I am writing to say that this is really why I haven't had time to do a post. I was flat out packing up the house for 6 months with the last 2 months being insane. Now that I have more time, I am not really around my sewing things (funnily enough!), and power is quite limited, and I am enjoying more of the simple things.

I may well do a blog about the mind has been turning it over , I just needed to slow down a little this space, you will know if I do. Anyway, I'll be back...2011.

Cheers for now and thanks for the support to here, Meg

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