Return to Writing and Reflecting

A few words...I'm back.  I not only survived travelling (read about it over here) with my husband and 3 boys in the close confines of a car and tent for 9 months, but grew as a person out of it.  My silence has been part of this growth.  Part of inner reflection, trying to understand what it all means and what to do with these changes.

I read only one book last year (other than the Hema Map of Australia) and that was Barack Obama's book, Dreams from My Father (great by the way, a real insight into the leader of the biggest first world country) due to so many other things to do and lack of lighting at night.  

I am making up for it this year and in my tiny spare moments, reading until my eyes shut themselves.

My plan for this blog is a little revamp, more opinions, thoughts here and there in addition to updates on the books I have been reading, the occasional bit of prose... 

Feedback as you wish.