Mid-life Crisis

I am going through changes...not like when a girl grow boobs, but changes like working out how to schedule myself with a great sea of time that needs to be filled and huge amounts of "things" to fill it.  Wondrous things that I have always wanted to do, finally being able to do them and batting people off whilst they try to fill them up.

Finally a mind free to be able to use and time available to do what I want to do!  My mum asked if I was going through a mid-life crisis...I thought that I was too young (I still feel like that 20 something year old in a slightly older body), so the answer to that would be a great big fat NO!  I have just decided after all these years to finally give myself the time that I want and need to do want I really feel passionate about. Writing.  This takes time.  And discipline.  Lots of it.

At the moment, I feel like my cat that I used to have (called Woosey - she really wasn't one, she was always picking fights and coming home scratched up) turning round and round and round, trying to get comfortable, sorting myself out, clearing my head and my space, sorting my brain and thoughts, my scattered threads out, drawing them together, learning how, and where I can work.  Retraining myself and putting some rules up for myself, throwing some goals out there... Trying not to sit in the pantry eating or lie in bed resting!

When I'm not berating myself to go back to work, I've got study to do, family to feed, and a small part time job still...life goes on to hopefully stop me going completely bonkers and just wearing 6 jumpers to keep warm and looking like a crazed woman as the kids walk in the door after school.

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