Five Sentence Fiction: Enchanted

I am joining in with Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction this week and the word for inspiration is 'Enchanted'.  Pop over to Lillie's blog to see the other people who are writing and join in!

Amelia grabbed the tatty calico bag and raced out the door, flinging it behind her, shouting abstract words that were not strung together, something about shops, milk and breadrolls, to the kids as they sat at the long wooden table eating their muesli.  She hadn't washed her face, done her hair or thought about what she was wearing, she had just fallen into the closest clothes to her bedside when her youngest tapped her on the shoulder at 7.30.  Feeling pleased with herself at the bulging bag of pumpkin seeded rye bagels, she walked against the oncoming tide of train users. Amelia allowed herself to look up to the eyes of the fragrant suited young man, swallowed his smile and sucked in his aroma. She walked through the tide of fragrance, the smell of freedom and she was lost.

xx Meg


  1. Love this! Unexpected twist on the prompt - I love it when a writer does that. Great job!

  2. Like the imagery. I get the impression of New York City and I really like that the young, suited man smells like freedom--gives me the idea that Amelia is perhaps not as well off financially, and sees the suit and scent as markers of a better, or at least different, life.

  3. Thank you for your kind words. I do think that men/women of that age (child free) have a much freer life-style, unaware of what is ahead, have the cash, the fragrance, the suits, etc which is oft all worn away once the kids come.

  4. I can empathize completely with her need to get away! :) The imagery was beautifully written and truly evoked emotion in its construction. Nicely done, Meg.

    1. thank you Meg for your feedback. I do like these 5 sentence writes as it forces one to put a lot into a little.