Write on Wednesday: Alex Miller Inspiration: Something of Great Importance

Alex Miller Inspiration:
‘Something of great importance to me happened two nights ago.’

I lay, spent on the cold concrete floor of the laundry.  There was nothing left to me.  It was as though I had been hooked up to machines that had sucked the living daylights out of me.  Nothing to even cry with, nothing to move with.  My mouth was wretchedly dry, parched, but my tongue would not move to help itself.  The files in my brain had become de-fragmented and nobody had set the program to clean it up.  They were no longer linking to each other, nothing made sense any more.

I slowly blinked.  I could feel the crepe paper lids unfolding, the steely gaze that I had fixed on the fur ball under the washing machine slowly closing.  I let the heavy eyelids that didn't even seem to belong to me any more to stay shut. There was nothing more to see other than fur balls and dust particles.

In the darkness I began to see the light.  The clarity of the last two days slowly dawned on me.  It was going to take an eternity to live with.  There was nothing left for me here.  In one small moment, everything in my life had changed forever.

Two words, "He's gone."

I hadn't understood at first, I was in the middle of a phone call, cooking dinner, signing papers.  Everything was busy, important.  Nothing was busy or important now.  Everything was gone.

Justin had looked at me with a sneer, realising that I hadn't understood, ready to lay blame on me, angry, or was he upset, I don't know, "He's topped himself, you idiot!  You!  Too freakin' busy again! Not looking again!  You didn't care anyway!  Always doin' you're own thing."

The ice moved through me rapidly, starting at my heart where he had stabbed me until I was standing stone cold, as ice, nothing, lost everything.

"I'm gone. We, we are nothing. He was what held us, but now...", I can now see that Justin was broken.  Then I just thought he was trying to kill me too.  My tongue was frozen.  The blood had stopped moving in my body.  I had not imagined a life beyond ours.  Our life of screaming at each other and pretending that we hadn't, ignoring each other, but existing together, insulting each other with a compliment in disguise: the charade.  I thought that it was working.  Pass the salt, dear - why the hell did you do have to pass it that way to me!  The man I had known for more than half of my lifetime, the man who was more than half of me, turned and walked away.  I still could not move or speak.  I was still frozen.

Could I have another go?

Couldn't I try again to hug him one more time each day?

Could I try to say that I love him?   I know I do, did, but I didn't say it.

Why couldn't I turn back time?

I don't know how I came to be on the cold laundry floor.  I don't know how long I was there.  Day came and finished.  Darkness fell.  Light came and was sucked away again into the depth of darkness again.  The stillness became my comfort, silence my friend. Now as it was light again, and clarity, reality had dawned, my body slowly began to move.  I needed to move to a new world, a new life, a new beginning.


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Alex Miller Inspiration
‘Something of great importance to me happened two nights ago.’

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xx Meg


  1. Thank-you so much for posting - & persevering with the malfunctioning link! I'm very glad you did - such an intense piece. I loved the focusing on the furballs and dust. The sense of guilt and loss is palpable. Well done.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I can be an intense person - even in my writing ;)! Thanks for your feedback. Thanks for hosting.

      x Meg

  2. Very powerful Meg, you have really drawn the anguish, horror and despair so well.

    1. thanks Kate for your feedback :) so good to get feedback!

  3. Your descriptions were very tangible, and I almost felt like I was there. I really like how you described your character's emotions in such a clear and powerful way. Great response to the prompt!

  4. Wow Meg - really, that's about all I can say!

    That was absolutely gut churning (such a charming turn of phrase;).

    Fantastic work!

  5. This is beautiful. It's incredibly powerful. I wish I could write like that!

    I'm impressed by the sheer amount of brokenness, by the sheer power of your words. Each sentence is packed with so much emotion that it's impossible not to be sucked into it completely. I loved reading this and read several parts twice. Excellent piece, Meg.

    / Rain

  6. Gosh! I am so inspired (and humbled) by all of the feedback. Thank you Sarah, Claire, Rain, Kate & Jennifer. I will keep working at my writing. :)


  7. such a way with words - yes keep writing. a reward for returning to the blog after some time

    1. thank you Becca, nice to hear after a slump (mine) - inspiration to KEEP going... (why do we writers, creators keep beating ourselves up about our own writing????)