Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Book Review

This story had me enthralled from the moment I started to read it.  Gillian tells this thriller in two unreliable voices; Nick and Amy.  Nick and Amy are a young married couple who seem on the surface to love each other just an any other young couple.  Amy has gone missing much to Nick’s worry.  We hear from Amy through her diary entries that go back to before they met.  Nick goes to exhaustive lengths to find his wife who it seems is unable to be found, dead or alive.  We, as the reader are slowly let into Amy’s world in amongst Nick’s real time dilemma. 

Gillian has brilliantly crafted the characters in the novel.  I very much enjoyed Nick and Amy as well as Amy’s parents and Nick’s sister. Gillian has a wonderful twist to the story and then twists again.  She kept me on the edge, unable to put the book down.  A real pleasure to read.   I found it a very hard book to put down so much so that I was kept up until 2am reading on the last night of it.  Wonderful.  Another great bookclub book.

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