The Maze Runner by James Dashner Book Review

The walls around are made of metal…and move.  Surrounding this is a maze that no-one has made their way out of alive.  This is the world that James Dashner has set up in The Maze Runner.  Thomas, the main protagonist, arrives in a lift into this world with his memory wiped.  He finds this world only has teens, like him, and there is a hierarchy here that he needs to learn about.  Thomas has seeds of memory that he can’t shake – or form.  Some of the people here are very suspicious of him and he wonders about what his past may have been.  He feels compelled to run through the maze, a known very dangerous thing to do as people have died out there.  Another person arrives into this maze world and everyone is in shock as this time it is a girl; there have never been girls arrive before.  Fear and suspicion run rife. 

This is a brilliantly written book that hooked me in the whole way.  The characters are well developed with a very well planned plot.  The story runs at a fast pace with the reader left begging for more.  I am looking forward to reading the next one – The Scorch Trials.  

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