The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion - Book Review

I came across this funny romantic comedy by Graeme Simsion as he is one of my class mates in my writing and editing course.  First off I have to say I am incredibly surprised that he needs to be in a novel class as he is obviously a great writer.  This novel was written just last year and already is number one in the Independent Booksellers list!  I am ever so much in awe...

The Rosie Project is a humorous story of a professor, Don, who has a great deal of difficulty understand the social norms.  He is very intelligent, yet does not have much social intelligence.  He, with the help of his colleague and friend (one of the three friends he has),decides that he needs to start a Wife Project to find himself a wife.  He goes about it in a very logical yet cold and clinical way.  Along the way we understand more about his condition - Aspergers syndrome. We are taken on the journey with him as he meets Rosie and declares that she is incompatible.

It is a delightfully told story with many funny moments that put a smile on my face, and at times made me laugh out loud.

The voice of Don is rather robotic, giving us the insight into the Don thinks and speaks.  Whilst at times I found it a little irritating, the story carried me through very well.

I would recommend this book as it is a great lighthearted look at, what is for some, a quite debilitating condition.

Does anyone know any other books that have tackled Aspergers in a humorous way?

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