Drylands by Thea Astley - Book Review

Drylands: A Book for the World's Last Reader

On second read I found Drylands just as enjoyable as the first time. Thea is a wonderful author who can take us into people's ordinary lives in washed up towns and show us a little bit of ourselves. Drylands is set in a falling apart town with falling apart people.

It is a collection of short stories that are strung together. Janet Deakin is central to the novel. She is writing a book for the 'last reader' to fill in the loneliness of the hot evenings in the lonely town of Dryalnds.  The town is dying because of the changing of the weather patterns. The characters have bleak lives and are pretty unlikeable. We as the reader are influenced by Janet's views of the town and townsfolk.

For anyone living in a town, this may resonate with them or send a shiver up their spine. It is depressing and exhilarating at the same time.

It is well worth the read.

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