Looking for Alaska by John Green - Book Review

Looking for Alaska

This is a great book of John Green's. It is his first book and he has developed a wonderful character in Miles. Miles is a 16 yr old who doesn't have friends and is obsessed with famous peoples last words. He convinces his parents that he should go to boarding school in a hope to reinvent himself. There he is finds friendship with Chip his roommate, aka 'the Colonel', a guy called Takumi and their best friend, Alaska. He falls deeply in love with Alaska who is wild, beautiful, mysterious, moody and most of all unattainable. 

These new friends take Miles (or Pudge as the Colonel calls him) on a wild ride and challenge him in every way. It is a book about firsts and lasts; first kiss, first drink, first cigarette, first friends, first prank and last words.The book is structured in Before and After with the pivotal moment of the book happening in the middle (which I won't say as I don't want to give it away).

I was drawn into this really well written (I would love my first book to be this well developed) story of a very observant and sensitive kid.  I really enjoyed going along on the journey with Miles as he is pulled apart and puts himself back together. 

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