Mateship with Birds by Carrie Tiffany - Book Review

Mateship With Birds by Carrie Tiffany

This is a beautifully written story of mateship and birds - with both words having the double meaning. Carrie is lyrical and poetic in her writing and I found this lovely and easy to read. It is no surprise that it the Stella Prize winner and NSW Premiers Literary Awards winner as well as being shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award.

Both main characters, Betty and Harry, come across as fairly stereotypical rural people who are very pragmatic and don't have a great deal if space for emotion. The family of kookaburras and their story is woven through the story and whilst it was beautiful writing (poetry). On first read I found it a little distracting, but the second read I really enjoyed the connection between the two. The relationship between Harry and Michael were touching as Harry tried to be a father to Michael. 

It is a slow story but one of beautiful writing. I think it is one I will think about again and again.

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